For over 20 years, Tyrihans have produced high quality textiles. They aim to protect Norwegian cultural heritage by recreating fabrics, shawls and other products. They use nature’s own fibres in their products, such as wool, silk, linen and cotton to ensure that the collection maintains top of the range quality.

Tyrihans has a wide and exiting range of scarves and shawles for everyone – ladies, men and children – perfect whether you are looking for something to complete your national costume, to brighten up your casual outfit or the final touch of glamour to your evening wear. 

It is important to Tyrihans that the collections hold the highest standard, and product development is therefore always a priority. They also regularly add new items to our range, so that we can offer the widest selection possible.

Chalet in the Woods is able to bring you any of the current production Tyrihans scarves.