Chalet in the Woods visits the Norwegian Club

The Norwegians in San Francisco are big fans of Oleana, so when Cecilie requested that we bring Oleana to a luncheon at the Norwegian Club in San Francisco, we readily agreed. Many of Oleana’s designs have roots in Norwegian design and history and the company is in Bergen, Norway. One of the primary reasons the company was founded was preserving the tradition of knitwear produced in Norway.

The Norwegian Club of San Francisco was founded 120 years ago and has maintained their original purpose of preserving Norwegian culture and interests.  For example, they have held receptions for Roald Amundsen and his crew, Andrew Furuseth, the “Great Emancipator” and Thor Heyerdahl and his crew after the ‘Kon Tiki’ expedition.

We all had a wonderful day with a perfect menu created by Chef Pelle, cheerful bouquets and champagne!