Sheep at the Chalet

We hope that you will someday meet Claire, Daphne and Eve, the Oxford sheep that live at the Chalet. Chalet in the Woods SheepMost every Spring there are new baby lambs jumping about the pasture. There have been a number of different sheep breeds here, but we all agree that we like our Oxford Downs the best.

Oxfords are large, with rams weighing about 300 pounds and ewes 200 pounds. The sheep are quiet, docile, and easy to manage. Ewes produce single or twin lambs and show good Moms.

While the “down” breeds are typically blackfaced, the Oxford is more variable in color on its face and legs, Chalet in the Woods Sheepwhich may be one of several shades of brown or gray. Oxfords produce eight to twelve pounds of medium white wool that grades 50–54 and has a staple length of three to five inches.